Series “The Chosen Mind”

This March we are talking about Chosen at all RIC’s.

Today I would like to start a series about the Chosen Mind. The idea of
this motto, “Chosen,” is not to remind you that you were chosen, because
I think you already know this, but to talk about the posture and mind of a
person who understands that He was Chosen.

When God chose us, what he chose was the heart of man. But when
scripture speaks about the heart, it is not talking about the muscle that
pushes or creates circulation in your body. When scripture speaks of the
heart, it is speaking of your mind.

So what is the posture and mentality of a person who understands that he
was chosen by God?

The word chosen is a very decisive word in our process. Because within
that decision of being chosen there are numerous indicators that are
directly connected to our destiny.

These indicators are programmed to be activated at different times of our

These indicators can be patience, determination, inevitable faith, nonnegotiable
peace, wisdom, enlightenment, etc.

In other words, there are indicators or virtues that you have not yet
experienced because they are passive within you, but at the precise
moment they will be activated and will help you to reach your destiny.

Have you not realized that when you need more patience, God gives it to
you? When you need a word of wisdom, God gives it to you. When you
need an inevitable faith, that faith is activated within you and is inspiring to
others! …

Have you not realized that when you most need these virtues,
God allows their activation in your life?

The chosen mind is not a mind that will negotiate. It is not a mind that
allows the circumstances of life to direct it. Because a mind that
understands that it was chosen, also understands that within him or her
there is everything necessary to achieve what God has given him as vision,
mission and destiny.

Say, “I have a chosen mind.”

How do I know that I have been chosen? ……. By the level of fruit I
produce. Because everything God chose, produces. And its fruit endures.

The apostle John will say …

“You did not choose me, but I chose you and commissioned you to
go and bear fruit, a fruit that will endure. Thus the Father will give
them everything they ask in my name. ”
John 15:16 NIV

Here John says that the greatest commission of someone that was
chosen is to produce. He chose us to produce.

Raise your right hand and declare this with me.
• I was chosen by God.
• I have a chosen mind.
• Everything I do will produce.
• My fruit will endure. ……… Amen.

What is the greatest danger of a chosen mind? The greatest danger is a

A Fable is a human perspective to explain something spiritual.

So for many years preachers and teachers taught that you have to do
something to receive something. If you don’t do something, you don’t
receive anything. That you must dress in a certain way to receive a certain
thing. And these are fables. Because when God chose you, God
understood and placed within you everything necessary to achieve his
purpose with you.

There are certain things we do and there are certain other things we do
not do, but not for something to be achieved but as a response to a
chosen mind.

In other words, everything I do and everything I don’t do is the product of
a chosen mind. It is the response of a mind that is chosen by God and
understands that there are certain things that do not suit me and there are
certain things that do not edify me.

And sometimes there are no justifiable reasons for what we do and for
what we don’t do, because it’s the response of a mind chosen and guided
by God. Sometimes after I make some decisions or do something, I ask
myself, why did I do that? …. And it is because I am being led by a
chosen mind.

Get on your feet. Let’s read Exodus 3: 10-14

Let’s pray.

Most of us know the story of Moses. A Hebrew that God calls as
deliverer, which God chose as His voice in front of the pharaoh of those

But immediately what we can see of Moses is that he does not have a
mind of someone chosen. Because the first thing he does is doubt what
God wants to do with him.

The chosen mind does not doubt.

The chosen mind is not always something that is present when God calls
us. Sometimes this chosen mind has to be developed during our journey
as it happened with Moises. And it is the indicators or the virtues, which I
already mentioned, that will help us during that process.
Moses immediately begins to create excuses to avoid accomplishing his
mission. This is the spirit of Jonah. When God chooses you for a mission
and you run away from it.

The chosen mind does not run away. The chosen mind is maintained
despite the difficulties, although I do not know how to speak, although I
have no love or passion for what God is sending me to do, as it was in
Jonah’s circumstance, the chosen mind achieves God’s purpose and

What we see in the life of Moses is that there were virtues and indicators
that God wanted to activate in his life but he did not allow it.
God could have healed Moses from being a stutter, but since his excuses
surpassed his chosen mind, God failed to heal him and added a crutch

The chosen mind does not create limitations.

When we are accessible to what God wants to do with us, God heals us!
God gives us provision! God brings the finances! God brings people!
God aligns everything in our life to achieve our purpose in Him.

God understood that Moses did not have a chosen mind. That is why he
tells him in verse 12 that the sign that it was God who chose and sent him,
are the results of the people leaving Egypt.

And when Moses managed to get the people of Israel out of Egypt, he
was going to understand that the one who had chosen him was God.
We must form a chosen mind.

How do we do it? Moses would say ….
• Believing God even when we don’t believe in ourselves. Moses did not
see himself as the liberator.
• Ignoring where we came from or how we arrived and only activating
what will move us forward. Moses’ greatest crisis was being Hebrew
but raised as an Egyptian.
• Avoiding excuses and understanding that God is able to heal and align
everything necessary to achieve our destiny. Moses never visited the
idea that God could heal him.
• Understand that everything I do with a chosen mind will produce an
enduring fruit. Moses did not understand the phrase of God, “I am who
I am.” It is a phrase said in the present continuum. In other words,
there is no shifting shadow in God (James 1:17), that God lives within a
dimension of eternity. Lasting.

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