Fate Rules

Fate Rules

God destined greatness for our lives. Our Faith acts inevitably to achieve all that God spoke into us.

If God destined riches for your life, riches will still reach you with only one dollar in your pocket, because your destiny does not depend on this world but on your Faith.

Say, fate rules.

Understanding what God intended for you, allows you to start a journey that will produce regardless of the calamities or droughts of life.

The end of your journey is the beginning of a walk in Faith.

Welcome to February!

Destination is not subject to what we understand. What God destined for each one of us, that destiny came with parameters that you and I sometimes do not recognize, we simply walk in faith, we walk on a word and while we are walking, our destiny is recognizing the parameters and aligning us so that we do not deviate from where God wants us to be.

Let me say it in Greek. When you go on a highway, you recognize that you are going, for example, on the way to Boston airport, that route 90 will take you to the airport. But on each side of that highway there are railings that are the parameters where you cannot pass. There is a line that is drawn on the floor that also serves as a parameter where you cannot pass. That is there to help you stay on the road to Boston.

The destiny that God has already placed on your life understands the parameters of life, understand your reach through faith, and this is what keeps you aligned and walking towards what God destined for your life. Not respecting those parameters, not respecting the railings will lead you to failure and will lead you to a calamity.

You see these parameters at all times in the bible. You see parameters as new and old. Parameters such as north and south. Parameters like east and west. Yes and no. Good and bad.

These parameters are set by God and are often altered by man. Imagine that your neighbor decides not to respect the fence you put to divide their lands.

Get on your feet. Let’s read the writing. 2 Timothy 1: 1-7

What is non feigned faith? An unfeigned faith is a faith that respects the parameters.

I listened well, because there are some of us who don’t like to respect the faith. When you are challenging faith, making faith cross the line, cross the parameter, you have feigned faith.

Because un feigned faith respects the parameters and strengthen my journey to my destiny.

Why is it that faith leads me to that destiny?

Faith is the product of listening. Romans 10:17.

 You do not receive faith by reading the bible. You receive faith by listening to the Bible. Listening to what the bible has inside. Listening to what the Bible offers you.


The peel is the bible but what is inside the peel is what strengthens you. It is faith. For many years they have been selling you the peel without the banana inside. For many years they have been selling you the peel but not the banana.

What I mean by this? For many years, there have been people telling you that God is going to do this, that God is going to do that with you but has not given you the parameters.

They tell you, you have to go to Boston, but they don’t tell you how to get there. God wants to do this with you, but my question is, and how will he do it?

Say, faith not feigned. Because there is a ruling destiny.

Un feigned faith is to understand and declare that what governs you is your destiny. What governs you is what God spoke of you.

Of course, you are the architect of your destiny, but only as to how that unfolds. Or you take route 90 and you arrive at the airport, Or you go on route 9 and take the risk of losing your flight.

You decide. You will arrive anyway.

But the idea is that you arrive on time!!!

There are some benefits of being on time. God has much more for you than you imagine.

Let’s continue with the example of the airport. You arrived on time and when you arrive you have been promoted to first class. Wonderful!

But if you are late and the plane is very full and you still do not have an assigned seat, you may go in the last back chair smelling the urine to all who use the bathroom.

We have to be able to understand and discern what our destiny is. How will we get there? Because understanding my destiny activates my walk towards him. The end is my beginning. Understanding where I’m going allows me to decide how to get there. I have to allow my destiny to rule. I will only achieve this through unfeigned faith.

The end

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